To My Future Daughter; Guest Piece

Monday, April 13, 2015

You are treasured, you are loved,
For you are the child of the Father above.
You are beautiful, full of grace,
So don’t you dare try and hide your face.

The world is dark and scary, I know
So if you ever find yourself down and low,
Remember these words:
You are treasured, you are loved,
For you are a child of the Father above.

His love is amazing, this is true
Truer than anything, so why are you blue,
Why are you downcast, full of sorrow?
God’s love is not something to be borrowed.

His love is a gift, more precious than gold
He will always be there to catch you in His protective fold.
And if I teach you nothing else, I want you to hold
Onto Him who is able to do infinitely more.

My child, I will let you down, this is true.
But our El Shaddai? He never ever will.
And when you fall to the ground,
I know He will always be there.
To pick you up my child, to twirl you around.
He longs to hold you and to fulfill,
To bring you joy when there is naught
And shine a light in the darkest night.

So hold fast my child, if you are ever in need.
Truly you know I love you dearly indeed,
But He loves you infinitely more. 
You are treasured, you are loved.

For you are a child of the Father above.

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About the Author:

Samantha Gwinn is a 20 year old college student at Lipscomb University, pursuing a future in the missions field through education. Sam enjoys hugging trees, wearing flowy skirts, playing basketball, headbands, and adventuring. You can find her blogging at


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