7-Day Mini Pilgrimage; Day 2

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Look at beauty’s gift to us--her power is so great she enlivens the earth, the sky, our soul. -Mira

Day 2 of the Romance & Adventure 7-Day Mini Pilgrimage tugged on the desire within me to awaken a movement not simply within my heart, but with the entirety of who I am; every {purposed} ounce of my being. I truly feel like I am walking in a field of refreshment that was laid out just for me; a field of all my favorite flowers, golden rays sunshine, sky blue beauty, & the stamp of love upon creation by the Source of love Himself. 

If you have not yet hopped aboard the mini pilgrimage, make sure to join it! It's not too late, I promise. Morgan will catch you up on what you've missed so far because she's just that great. Seriously, I don't want you to miss out on this soul-soothing, heart happy journey of romance and adventure. 

Join the pilgrimage & awaken the movement within you. 


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