7-Day Mini Pilgrimage; Day 3

Friday, May 15, 2015

Finding our soul’s beauty does that-- it gives us a tremendous freedom from worry. -St John of the Cross 

"The circumstance of my life had not shifted one degree for the better that afternoon, but the experience of connecting to my own heart allowed me to see a softer, kinder future. Me and my son, who I had yet to meet, would have a good life together. I would show him my soul's beauty, and teach him how to see his, and together we would believe our hearts are good."

Day 3 of the Romance & Adventure 7-Day Mini Pilgrimage was so tender on my heart! Morgan, thank you for stepping out in courage & sharing with us vulnerable slices of your life along this journey. You have inspired me to do the same. Today, Morgan has challenged us to "know thyself" with a tender heart knowledge. 

Your heart is good. That is a core truth. Your past and all the mistakes you've ever made cannot change that. Your present can't change that either...You are so much more than what your resume, your marriage status, your tax records, or even the mirror will ever be able to capture. May you believe that." 


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