7-Day Mini Pilgrimage; Day 4

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CORE TRUTH: Love is always the answer.

I have heard it said that those who laugh the easiest know God best. I don’t think this is because they think that life is a joke or that it has no meaning. I think this is because they know God is GOOD and Someone they can trust.
“He’s in control and so I can stop trying to run this show,” they can say. Having a clear grasp of the cosmic situation it becomes possible to shuck the heaviness we sometimes get tricked into carrying and say, “Nope! I’m not the one in charge. Love is."
Such solid truth proclaimed for Day 4 of the Romance & Adventure 7-Day Mini Pilgrimage. Love is a l w a y s the answer, and that's fact. Thank you for this important reminder, @morgandaycecil! My heart, mind, and soul all love being on this spiritually refreshing and affirming journey!  


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