7-Day Mini Pilgrimage; Day 5

Sunday, May 17, 2015

CORE TRUTH: You are made for romance.

All of us- married, single, divorced, dating, with kids, without kids, with pets without pets, living the dream, finding the dream- all of us are held together by a physical and cosmic power. We are safe here on this beautiful and tiny earth, we are held. 

None of us wastes one once of energy worrying about floating away.  Why not? Because we intimately trust in gravity. We go to sleep and just lie there, no need to tie ourselves down to our beds. This easy surrender to gravity is so natural it's silly to imagine behaving anyway else.

Surrender to love can be this way too. Why do we worry about being alone? We are no less alone than we are in danger of drifting away from planet Earth. We are here, we are safe, we are loved.

Each moment we surrender a little deeper to this truth is a moment of victory. Here we are again, being reconciled back to the Romance that holds the whole universe together.


Yall, the Romance & Adventure 7-Day Mini Pilgrimage just keeps getting better and better! Morgan, thank you for reminding me to let Love hold me together. Love is why we're here; Love formed us and breathed life into  our very bones; Love is our sole foundation. And if we surrender to Love, all of life's moments can, and will open into a deeper romance. 


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