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Saturday, May 23, 2015

David once wrote, "It is good for me to draw near to God" (Psalm 73:28), and hopefully you are learning how good it is for youDavid was inspired by God's omnipresence (always near, always present) and His omniscience (all-knowing, all-wise). He felt it in his bones and he knew it in his heart. His relationship with God was alive and deeply rewarding. 

The relationship that we have with our Maker is the absolute most important relationship we’ll ever have in our life. For a lot of us, though, believing in God is much easier than holding on to a relationship with Him. Here’s the thing: You cannot just 'simply believe’ and leave it at that. God did not 'simply make’ you, and He didn’t create us for the sole reason to ’simply believe' in Him. He created us to love deeply and to fight with a strength that can only come from Him, to dive into the rich and abundant experiences that life has to offer us and to use the gifts that He provided us with for the advancement of His kingdom, as well as to bring honor and glory to His name in doing so. Ladies, our Creator created us to T H R I V E

We cannot simply dive into a relationship with God when we need Him the most. It’s just not fair. Our Maker desires to have a lifelong relationship with us. And this surely requires work. Relationships are a discipline, just like anything else in life. A relationship with God should be our number one priority- always. If you do not have a craving to live in abundance with the Lord, ask yourself what it is that’s taking His place. He deserves not just an ounce of your acknowledgement, but every bit of your undivided attention. 

I’m just as guilty as anyone else in falling short and, at times, succumbing to the chaos of life. It’s comforting to know that the Lord’s patience is immeasurable compared to ours. He waits for us with love. Soak this in today.

Ladies, do not put Him on hold any longer. If we aren’t thriving through a relationship with our Father, it’s impossible to thrive in the life that He laid out for us to live. This is FACT.  

It is my prayer for you that you draw close to your Creator today and walk according to His word. The example of true life was set by Jesus and the Lord will further enable us to be a reflection of that example as we draw near to His heart. 

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