Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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CORE TRUTH: You are made for adventure.

Every moment we arrive at a fork in the road. Each moment another fork. Every instance is a chance to choose a new path of love, or the old road of fear. Every pause between the inhale & the exhale is an opportunity to consider where you have been & where you are headed.

I used to think “to arrive” meant the end of a journey. Now I see it’s just the beginning. The Christian faith talks about the Kingdom of God being like a tiny mustard seed. A life of true & meaningful romance & adventure is like this too.

This week we've practiced refreshing our soul by breathing, awakening, connecting, trusting, surrendering, & filling ourselves with wonder. There is so much more to discover & unfold in this work of living wholehearted & free. ••I thought I had to earn a life of romance & adventure. Now I know a life of romance & adventure is my birthright. And it's yours too.

So many of us are waiting for something...but waiting to live for any reason is the saddest form of self-denial. You are here. You are already here! You have arrived.

Ladies, a life of true romance & meaningful adventure awaits each of you. BELIEVE IT. OWN IT. CHOOSE IT. From here on out, you can be done waiting for it. Since the real magic is happening within you, every single moment contains the seeds for new romance & adventure. You are coming more and more alive. Keep the momentum going! Don't stop pressing in.

May you step into this summer knowing at any given moment you might encounter something truly beautiful & exciting about this one wild & precious life of yours.


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