30 Days No Makeup Feature

Monday, June 1, 2015

Meet the beautiful faces behind the 30 Days No Makeup Campaign, Sarah (left) & Natalie (right).

The second I came across this movement, I was immediately inspired by these women and their hearts...so inspired that I also immediately wanted to interview them for a feature on Daughter of Delight!

The strength and bravery these women have and lead with will certainly leave a mark on you.

So, without further adeu, let's get this interview started!

Name of Organization: 30DaysNoMakeup

Founder(s): Sarah Goodson and Natalie Collier

Interviewee: Sarah


How/Why did 30DaysNoMakeup get started?:

In complete honesty, the idea (that has now turned into a movement) was sparked by my own personal struggle – I daresay, addiction – to my appearance. Even though I was not wearing pounds of makeup on my face, I had to have whatever makeup I did wear absolutely flawless.  Perfectly powered nose, eyelashes evenly curled, bronzed cheeks, and that was just my face. I was obsessed with having my hair look just so, my accessories being in place and in season, and wearing platforms to hide the fact I was self-conscious about being just under 5’2’’.  My perfectionism in all of that was a way for me to hide and to present a version of myself that I found to be more likable.  I couldn’t accept myself, inside or out, so makeup was my way of hiding.  Now, I didn’t know it at the time but through my slow, challenging journey of self-love, I began to see this as a pattern for me. I wanted to strip away anything that stood in the way of me being madly in love with the creation that I am! 

I couldn’t sleep one night, up thinking about what it would look like if women chose to go a month without makeup.  A week seemed too short and anything more than one month felt too long.  A month was the perfect blend of fear and “reasonably doable.”  I called up Natalie Collier, the other co-founder, and shared my crazy idea… and we were off to the races!  We had a website and social media platform set up within a few days, and we knew that regardless of whether or not women joined us or not we had to do it for ourselves.  Our fear was that it would have just been the two of us, looking like fools, posting makeupless and filterless selfies.  Let’s face it; not using filters was actually way scarier than not wearing makeup because we all know filters can literally hide a number of things, which is why we tend to like them so much.  For Natalie and me, filters were part of our problem, too.  So, onward we went… just the two of us starting off on this journey without anything hiding our natural faces, and not sure if anyone would be interested in joining us.

That was at the end of October 2014.  Now, we have participants from over 27 countries and hundreds of women on our social media who are engaged and posting about their own 30DaysNoMakeup.  Self-esteem is increasing in them, self-love is growing, and they have a community of other women there to support and encourage them through the process.  It’s a dream come true!

I think it’s also important to say: What I am not saying is that makeup is a bad thing and anyone who wears it must be addicted… in fact, I love makeup and I have a healthy relationship to it today.  And women who aren’t interested in participating in this campaign are not bad people.  This incredibly unique campaign is something that speaks to certain women who are ready to try something new to deepen their self-love.  It resonates with those who resonate with it, and it’s really that simple.  30DaysNoMakeup is one of a million ways a woman can love herself more!


Your mission:

Our literal mission statement is, “30DaysNoMakeup is a global movement empowering brave women to create intentional space for internal change by simply not wearing makeup for one month.”

We exist to give women an opportunity to do something they might not have thought about on their own.  We empower women to go one month without makeup, totally bare faced, and to connect with other women who are doing the campaign as well.  We don’t see ourselves as “teaching” participants anything about self-love, because we believe we are all students learning from one another’s experiences. No two experiences are exactly the same, but everyone who has completed their 30DaysNoMakeup campaign has said it’s been life-changing for them and they were glad they did it.

Experiential learning is by far the most impactful, so we provide women with the opportunity to literally learn about themselves for one month.  The best part is that no woman is alone in doing this!  There are constantly women taking part of the movement and there to encourage.


Favorite verse + beauty quote for your mission: 

John 13:34, “…Love one another.  And I have loved you, so you must love one another.  The significance of that short sentence is powerful.  We can only love other people to the degree that we love ourselves, which means we embrace and embody the radical, divine love that we have been born into.  That divine love doesn’t judge, compare, loath, or say hateful things… it’s the perfect embodiment of God’s gentility, compassion, and grace.  While we will never be able to fully live out that level of self-love, it’s certainly an inspiration and provides a template for what we should be striving for.

It may sound cheesy but my favorite quote is: “She believed she could so she did.”  Man, it hits me at my core!  I don’t even know how that quote started or what the catalyst was but it is an empowering idea.  It’s a statement that implies that a woman needs nothing outside of herself to take her to the place she ultimately wanted to be – she only needs to believe she can.  We are too bogged down by our own insecure minds, our preoccupation with assessing other people’s lives, and concerned with the things that are of this world.  If we were released from that… surrendered… I believe we would be an unstoppable force.

What would our lives look like if we had no fear?
If we had no judgments about ourselves or others?
If we jumped and knew we would be okay?
What if we liked ourselves more than anyone else on the planet?

I think it all comes down to that divine love and trusting the truth that we are loved as we are.


What was it like for you to participate in 30 days of no makeup for the first time?:

It was truly life altering! I was faced with all sorts of crazy self-talk and felt as though I needed to explain to my staff and students at the time why I wasn’t wearing makeup.  I went about my life as usual, except terribly uncomfortable with my bare face.  At that time I was speaking in front of 1,200 people each week and that felt completely unnerving, but guess what?  I didn’t die of embarrassment.  In fact, I realized I was making a bigger deal of being bar faced than anyone else.  I received compliments about how bright my eyes looked and how excellent my skin was.  I was astonished… and I didn’t believe them.  That’s when I really saw clearly that my attachment to makeup was truly based on something I thought I needed because I was not capable of seeing my face as lovely as-is.  Even my husband begged me not to wear makeup ever again because he loved my natural look!  When I saw my inability to see myself as whole, that’s when I knew I was doing the right thing for myself.


Did you ever wish to put makeup on during the challenge? If so, how did you overcome it? Or, did you?:

Oh, yes.  Badly…  It was truly a withdrawal.  I’ve been in withdrawal from substances before, so I don’t use that term lightly.  Some days it was all I could do to sit with my feelings of self-loathing or shame and let them pass without putting on a speck of blush or even tinted lip gloss.  I realize that may sound extreme, but that’s what my process felt like!  I wanted something – anything – to help me feel more attractive and like my face had more color and vibrancy.  What I did on the hard days was journal, call friends to talk through my feelings, pray, and did my best to accept every feeling that was coming up for me.  You never know your attachment to something until it’s taken away.


What was day 31 like for you?:

By the time Day 31 came, I don’t even think I wore makeup because I was so used to not wearing it!  Actually, I think I wore some mascara and blush.  But here’s the thing: I started to not recognize myself in the mirror WITH makeup.  There was a switch that took place along Day 23-26 where I got really comfortable and pleased with my face.  When I started painting it again with bronzer and eyeliner and lipstick, it was incredibly unfamiliar.  I didn’t like it.  So I started considering why I wanted to wear makeup and ask myself, “do you want to wear makeup today?”  If I felt I did, I would, and if I didn’t, I didn’t.  Simply seeing that I had a choice in wearing makeup and could respect and love myself with or without it was enough for me to be happy either way. 

The truth (for me) is that this experiment made my self-esteem and self-love skyrocket. I still feel empowered, beautiful, and free as a result. I only wear makeup about one-third of the time now, and it feels really good.


After experiencing it yourself, if you could give women a piece of advice about the 30DaysNoMakeup challenge, what would it be?:

If you are intrigued by the idea of joining this campaign but you feel terrified, this is for you. You know deep inside if it’s something you want/need to do for yourself. Know that you aren’t alone, that you’ll learn a lot about yourself, and you just might be filled with tremendously more self-love by the end of your 30 days!


What does it mean to be a daughter of delight to you?:

For me, being a daughter of delight means that I am reminded to find enjoyment in myself and others. I don’t seek delight out (or choose to see it) as often as I would like to.


Anything else you would like to add for your audience:

We welcome anyone to this movement, whether participating or simply spreading the word!


Sarah, thank you for your willingness to share your heart with the Daughter of Delight community. 

Ladies, it is my prayer for you today that you find strength in who you are not because of what you look like with makeup on, but because of the beauty your Maker molded you with in the very beginning. 

Be happy. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be you.

Join the 30 Days No Makeup Campaign by visiting Sarah and Natalie on their website & following them on Instagram as well:

IG: @30daysnomakeup


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