Daily Delight

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You don't meet me at the shore, You're there with me in the waves. Jesus I am drowning in Your comforting embrace.

I was reflecting on God's goodness and the love that He has for us, and those words suddenly appeared on the paper that lay before me. 

When God said He would never forsake us, He meant it. Just as much as all the promises that He has proposed to us. "The waves", wow, they have an endless connotation - because we all have our own! It can be a financial struggle, illness, struggling at school, to get a job, pass your lectures at university.. whatever it may be, God is there. Not waiting for us at the shore,  He isn't shouting at us to swim faster but instead He is there in the water with us, comforting us in His embrace.  We may be struggling to see Him, but when we come up for air, and open the Word, we accept God's invitation to take us deeper; we become women who tackle the obstacles before us with faith, instead of tip toeing around them in fear. 

{Words: @zane_n} + {Photo: @hannahrosebrasseur} 


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