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Friday, June 12, 2015

He tests those He trusts. God has shown me this recently. I have been going through test after test. It is one thing to say you are a child of God. It is another thing to BE a child of God. 

Why are we tested? Why are we put through the fire? To create strength.

To find His strength within us. "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." -Phillipians 4:13. 

Replace the words DO ALL THINGS with whatever it is you are dealing with. I can FORGIVE through Christ who strengthens me. I can say NO through Christ who strengthens me. I can LOVE through Christ who strengthens me. Whatever fear, doubt or worry..remember this. You can do ALL things through CHRIST. Nothing is too big for God to handle. Not only will He carry you through it; He will hold your hand, pull your hair out of your face and say we can do this together. He will carry you when you don't feel like you can walk or bear it anymore. Sometimes He will give you more than you can handle, but He will not let you bear it alone. He will never leave you or expect you to find your way out. 

Just trust. He knows you. And He tests those He trusts. 

{photo: @elissagram}

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Mare has a heart completely taken by Jesus. She loves to help encourage single women. In her spare time, she is working on a book. She is also a songwriter/singer. She lives in pursuit of the heart of the Father.


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