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Friday, June 5, 2015

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. -Proverbs 14:1

In Proverbs 14, we see a depiction of a wise woman versus a folly woman. A wise woman teaches & enforces the virtues of a true Christian character. In building her house, she instills an ambition for holiness, a desire to partake in service & outreach, & a love of truth within the children underneath her roof. For a woman to build up her house spiritually, God MUST be involved (Psalm 127:1). When a house is built upon the rock of Christ, it will withstand the most severe circumstances. However, when a house is built upon anything aside from the rock of Christ, it will not last (Matt. 7:24-25). The wise woman is a spiritual leader & influence in the lives of her children. It is her job to help her children lay their spiritual foundation. A folly woman is lazy, loud, ignorant, & selfish- caring only about her desires for her family rather than God's. She builds her house & destroys it with the same set of hands she relied on through the entire process; hers. Because the folly woman built her house on her own foundation, it did not last. As wise women, we are the godly glue that have the ability to bring all of the pieces together within our families and communities.

Proverbs 14 serves to us a s reminder of one of our many roles in the Kingdom of God; to be spiritual influences that lead the hearts of God's most precious to Him. Whether you're a mom or you work with children, you play an important role in showing God's most precious the love of Christ. We must be influential women who build our houses on the foundation of Christ & live from that same foundation as well. We must be women who show love through sacrifice & service to the children we have the honor to serve- whether or not they are our own. Every child is precious & worth it all in the eyes of the King, and we should view every child the same way.

We must also be women who serve as spiritual guides to the folly women in the world. We must not stoop to their even when they offend us. We must show them the same love & the same grace that we are shown with every sunrise and sunset, and all the mistakes we make in between. We must be women who nurture & serve others from the same place of love that we were created in. We must be women who lead our families & all of those around us to the Lord. We must be women who fear the Lord & build their houses on the one & only true foundation; Jesus Christ.

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