Pray for Charleston

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"This violent attack by a white man on a black church is domestic terrorism. Everyone whose ethics are rooted in Jesus the Messiah should condemn this attack. Nothing justifies or mitigates this. This is racial hatred at its worst and conjures up all sorts of horrific memories of the past for African Americans." -John Mark Hicks

It's so hard to recognize with sickening, heartbreaking events like what took place in Charleston, SC yesterday evening that violence begets violence. Prayers for this church community. Instead of responding from a place of selfish anger, foolishness, and worldly perspective, we should rise above and respond from a place of love, righteous anger, and reconciling forgiveness. Our focus should look like reflecting the example set by our Savior, throughout the duration of His life and in the face of His crucifixion. 

However, it's traumatic events like this that undoubtedly make the way we respond a challenge. May  the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church muster the strength, love, and grace of God to continue standing as the example Jesus set for us to live by- even during times such as these. And, as the church, may we do the same through our responses to this violent attack on our church family. Let us #PrayForCharleston. Let us #standtogether. 

{photo credit: @crosspointchurch_tv}


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