To His Beloved; Guest Piece

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Child of God, Child of Promise, Child of Truth,
With these words I speak directly to you.
How beautiful and majestic the gift you hold,
From the One who lives deeply within your soul.
The power to love and the understanding of peace,
Are yours if you choose to live on bended knee.
With hope, you cry as sufferings come
Knowing fully that God and His son
Will save you once again.

Beauty, kindness and all that is good,
Are yours to be understood,
If and only if the One that loves you,
Will know full well that you love Him too.
A relationship is half give and half take
Even when the world wants it to break.
So give your all, you wondrous soul,
For adventure and your story to be told,
Will be grander when He is the main character.

As much as you feel like just a breath,
Remember that you are heaven-sent,
To be a light, a vessel, a representative
For the One who calls you "My child".
You are never alone and You are worth it.
When your spirit is down and full of stress,
The Lord cries out: “Forget Me not, my Princess!
I will find you, hold you and love you through time,
I will never fade away, for you are Mine,
And you are everything to me!”

Never forget His promise, dear child
For He has never forgotten you,
You have a purpose and your life has a plan,

Believe in the truth that you dwell in His hands.

{photo: @lindsey_holbert}

About the Author

Hannah Grace Rountree is a Psychology major at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN and works as an RA on campus. She loves playing music, writing, anything outdoors and coffee dates with friends. Fun fact: Hannah's hair is incredibly curly and she has a variety of nicknames from Poco to Tree. Hannah delights in the Lord because He has redeemed her into His daughter and has become the ultimate companion.


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