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Friday, July 17, 2015

One of the first places that the Holy Spirit was introduced to us is in Acts 1. 

For John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave us the promise of the Holy Spirit on Earth. This is one of the best gifts and helpers we could ever receive. It is God's Spirit. You know when you get the feeling that something is wrong...when you are being prompted to do something or not to do something...when you are being warned of something or you are told to warn someone about something...when you have visions or dreams...? It is not just your instincts. Oftentimes, it is the call of the Holy Spirit. He is that little voice in your head that is always trying to point you to to the right things. To point you back to the Father. 

The Spirit of God is not to be ignored. He is to be revered. He is to be honored. He is not to be defiled. When you get water baptized, you are receiving just a part of the Holy Spirit. There is also just baptism of the Holy Spirit. He dwells in your temple which is your body. He becomes a part of you. He works through you. He puts the power in our hands to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. The Holy Spirit is the driving force and He comes like a rushing wind. He gives us knowledge and wisdom. He is an important part of God's entity. He is our comfort in our time of need.

How do we ignore Him? When we refuse to do what He wants and choosing the opposite. How do you defile Him? By letting your eyes see things on TV, movies, magazines, social media, that are not honorable, etc. You can also grieve Him by the things you listen to. The things you say. I am preaching to myself as I write this. The Holy Spirit also brings conviction. It is not with the purpose to harm us, but to help us. To live in purity. We will all fall short of the glory of God at times. But we are redeemed and Jesus' blood covers a multitude of sins. However, this is not a license to keep sinning. 

Whenever you watch something, the Holy Spirit is watching it too. Whatever our eyes see, He sees. Whatever our lips say, He hears. Whatever our ears hear, He hears. Let us be careful not to grieve the One we live for.

I love the lyrics to Holy Spirit, by Bryan and Katie Torwalt: Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory God is what our hearts long for. To be overcome by your presence Lord. 

Welcome Him in every area of your life and get ready for a change to take place. 

The first baptism of the Holy Spirit took place in one little room with people who just believed. I challenge your beautiful souls to invite the Holy Spirit in and see the presence of God invade your life like never before.

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Mare has a heart completely taken by Jesus. She loves to help encourage single women. In her spare time, she is working on a book. She is also a songwriter/singer. She lives in pursuit of the heart of the Father.


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