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Friday, July 24, 2015

"Let your passion for Him become compassion for them." These were the very words that were delivered to my heart at random. When I drive through the streets in the morning and after I leave my job, I occasionally see a man with a cardboard sign. I confess sometimes I look the other way. I think a majority of us do that. But at times I feel shame after. Why did I not help? Sure, I could throw out the common excuse: "If I give him money,  he will just spend it on alcohol or drugs." This is always my mentality when I think about it. It is possible this will happen. 

On the other hand, however, what is wrong with giving a sandwich to a frail man or woman? How is that hurting me? Have I been so far away from remembering what it is like to live without provision that I neglect people in hunger? 

Neglecting others like this will not help us into heaven. But acknowledging others from a place of God's love for His creation might lead them to heaven. Sharing Jesus saves lives, and it could save theirs. We must not miss out on these opportunities because of the assumptions we make. It is our job to make a difference in the lives of God's people. It is our job to exhibit acts of love. Many of the outcasts and the needy are the ones who need us to have faith for them. Our judgment will only harm them. Our excuses won't justify anything. Acknowledgement is what Jesus has called us to.  

If you go downtown in any city at night, you will most likely see women who are selling themselves or are being sold to slavery. This is the same type of situation with driving past a homeless person; it's easy for you can look the other way because of the way they look. Some of these women have a vacant look in their eyes. Because they need Jesus. They need a Savior. They need love from someone who will not look the other way. Judging them and shunning them from church will only harm them. The outcasts have already faced rejection and abuse. If not by their families, then people who claim to love Christ but wouldn't give them a minute of the day. I fear for their lives every day. 

In conclusion, I say that we "let our passion for Him become compassion for them". The Holy Spirit has taught me that compassion is passion with action. We can sympathize and feel bad for someone, but having compassion is taking action in helping them. Let us take action and become the hands and feet of Jesus. He went into dark places to bring the light. I'm not suggesting you put yourself in harm's way. I am asking you to consider them. Consider their hardship. And ask yourself the most asked question: What would Jesus do for them? 

I encourage you to read the story of Rahab (Joshua 2). She put her life on the line for the spies and her life was spared. Read the story of the beggar who was able to walk again (Acts 3). Is not the prostitute or beggar more deserving than we are of salvation? 

The moment we begin to forget about the outcasts is the very moment we have lost our focus as Christians. We need to take the focus off of ourselves and place it entirely onto God. He will give us a new focus. Maybe a  new person to focus on. Let us be His hands and feet. It does not have to be a super spiritual thing. Pray when you think about approaching people and use discernment. Many people in the world are ready to receive but are never given the chance to. Ladies, it's time to get involved in our communities and turn our compassion into action! 

{photo: @hannahrosebrasseur}

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Mare has a heart completely taken by Jesus. She loves to help encourage single women. In her spare time, she is working on a book. She is also a songwriter/singer. She lives in pursuit of the heart of the Father.


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