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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I have called you by name, and you are mine. -Isaiah 43:1 (NCV)

Have you ever noticed how much we like to personalize things?

We like to have our things monogrammed (at least in the South!); our planners have our full names inscribed at the bottom in a fancy font. As kids, our parents bought us personalized backpacks and clothes, keychains and cups with our names etched into them. Who else has owned countless things just because they had our names on them? (*raises hand*)

If we see anything with our names on it, we’re drawn to it. At least I am. I love my name, and want other people to know who I am and what my name is. We want to be known, so we brand our things and our lives with who we are.

Names define people. We define the world by giving things a name. Naming things gives them a meaning, a purpose, an identity.

We like to be called by the names we’re given, whether by birth (Jordan), or nicknames (Jordie, JT, Jord).

When we’re called by our name, we feel noticed. We are known simply because that is who we are.

Names have major significance in scripture. One of the most impactful ways God uses names is when names are changed.

From Sarai to Sarah; Abram to Abraham; Saul to Paul, and many more- God changes people’s names when He wants to change their stories. When God gives people new names, He changes who they were into something He’s calling them to be.

Their new names gave them new life.

Like Sarah, Abraham, and Paul, God changes us with the names He gives us- and in those names, we’re given new life. We find the old labels we defined ourselves with fall away, and God replaces them with new identities securely wrapped up in Him.

These names He has given us change who we are and how we live. They give us a new story to cling to, instead of what we once were without Him.

When I think of my life, I think of the names He has called me:

I am redeemed from my past by His grace alone.
I am free to be who He made me to be.
I am brave, even when I don’t feel like I am.
I am beloved- cherished by someone who is crazy about me.
I am daughter to a Father who knows all and loves me anyway.
I am His--and there is nothing I can do to change that.

He calls us beyond what we’ve been, and into something new and beautiful with Him. He calls us His- and that, enough, changes everything.

Sisters, let us remember who we are in Him today. Let’s forget the names the world has identified us with and embrace the names God calls us. Let the names He has inscribed on your heart change who you are, and define your life. Let us brand our lives with the names He has given us, so that we are known by the life and the name God has called us.

{photo: @katebooye}

About the Author

Jordan Taylor is a 22 year old student living in the suburbs of Nashville, her lifelong hometown. She is currently studying to be an English teacher, and hopes to have a classroom full of crazy, loud middle schoolers in her near future! Jordan enjoys reading, long walks (anywhere, not just the beach!), crafting, listening to music, playing with her pug, Lola, and writing. She is learning how to be brave, love adventure, and try new things (a lifetime work in progress!). Jordan loves Jesus with all that she is, and is learning to let Him love her too. She enjoys rambling and writing about her faith at her blog, http://taylorjm.blogspot.com/, and is excited to share her journey with you all on DOD!


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