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Monday, September 14, 2015

In Christian culture we have a habit of calling standards and boundaries, "religion or legalism". Are you trying to get people to look like you or Jesus? People cannot reject you because God has fully accepted you. We cannot keep giving people the authority to put a question mark next to our identity when God has already placed a period. God has given us the Word filled with loving commandments and Holy Spirit who speaks into us our individuality. He releases sensitivity to different situations and seasons.

I have gone through seasons of no secular music, no alcohol, and no opposite sex relationships. I have gone through seasons of country music, wine over an awesome conversation and hanging out with both guys and girls. These are awesome and fruitful out of obedience and sensitivity to God’s voice. It is not legalistic to live to the standards God has called you to, even if you don’t see anyone abiding there. If God has spoken a sensitivity over you, stay there because God will use you there. 

While you are there, do not purposefully make others feel less than or rejected because they aren’t going with your flow. Yes, we need to keep each other accountable to the Word of God. How will you be the women that God called you to be if you’re just going by the sensitivity of where your girlfriends are currently? Even trying to be exactly like public figures, pastors and church leaders can be toxic. The only reason they have a powerful anointing is because they are walking in what God has for them. They are shining the light that God has shed on them, not trying to live off of the shadows from someone else's identity. 

My darling, don’t be scared of the standard you are given. It brings purity, freedom and peace. We must stop trading the truth for a lie, separating and destroying our sensitivity for the acceptance of others.

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Hunter Mae Gower≫ ≫Hunter Mae is happily located in Birmingham, AL. The Magic City has her mesmerized with magnificent friends, two jobs, a local church named Arise Birmingham and a joy that cannot be contained. She is passionate about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, writing, her family, praying, empowering and encouraging. The rest of her life is currently being lived, recorded and written on the pages of www.devotedtoinspire.wordpress.com


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