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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You don’t have to get your stuff together to rest in the Lord. That’s the whole point. Jesus completed everything we need to enter into rest on the cross. He solved our greatest dilemma: sin separating us from a holy, perfect God. And He supplied our greatest need: a perfect record of keeping God’s righteous law. Before the Father, through the Son, it is as if we have never sinned and have always obeyed. So to rest in Christ, nothing is needed other than to come in faith. You don’t have to tidy up your desk, or fix your hair just right, or do that one more nice thing. Just come in faith. All the work has been done. Lay down your burdens and your to do list and your untidy life. Free-fall into the arms of grace. Rest.

{photo: @wanderingwithmary}

About the Author

Victoria Wilson≫ ≫ Victoria is the wife to Ben, mom to Carson and Nora, and restless until she finds her rest in Christ. Her daily work may look a bit varied - SAHM, blogger, virtual assistant, and birth doula - but she finds each role is tied together by a common thread of encouraging and nurturing others. Victoria enjoys perfect lattes, long walks with good friends, and Nutella - lots and lots of Nutella. The best place to keep in touch with Victoria is here.


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