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Saturday, September 26, 2015

We make our lives look picture perfect on the outside. We carefully choose which photos to post and which filters look best to market ourselves. Other people look at our lives thinking we have it all together.

What they don't see are the times when we're alone. They don't see the nights we cry ourselves to sleep. The times we feel inadequate in our jobs because we are the youngest. The times we are disappointed by the guy who didn't call or the friend that didn't ask us to hang out. They don't hear the thoughts we tell ourselves when we look in the mirror each day. They don't see the stress we feel when our finances aren't a mess.

But what if we saw our lives the way they see us? What if we viewed ourselves through the promises God gives us? Life is still going to be a struggle, but the filter will be better because it's the one God provided. Instead of putting on a mask we need to find someone who can see behind the filter. We need Godly influences to confide in and to struggle through life with through it all. We need to be honest with God and seek him for help first. We need to stop hiding behind the highlights of our lives and talk about what's going on behind the scenes. This is how we will get to a place of true freedom and peace. 

{photo: @thisverygarden}

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Courtney Wilson≫ ≫Courtney is a 23 year old young professional living in Birmingham, AL where she works in marketing. She has a passion for student ministry and women's ministry. Coffee is what keeps her going and being a foodie is what she is known for by her friends. She also loves to read and write and is always up for a grand adventure exploring God's creation in the great outdoors or traveling. Check out her blog to learn more about her: www.courtneyhopewilson.wordpress.com.


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