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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rejection is hard. It hurts. It’s messy. It’s condemning. We face rejection in so many ways in life whether it’s from a family member, a job, a school or a boy. No matter how we get rejected, it’s a terrible feeling. 

I recently faced rejection, which resulted in making me me feel condemned and damaged. I’d been dating this guy for almost two months and it was going great. We started peeling back layers. He didn’t have a past and I did. He was upset about my past and his reaction made me feel like I wasn’t as good of a Christian because I had messed up. This broke me. I feared having to be vulnerable and reveal my past, but never imagined it would be the ending point of a relationship. I asked God why I would go through this relationship only for it to end this way. 

We talked and came to the realization we aren’t the right people to marry each other for many reasons other than my past. I began to see the lesson God was teaching me. He taught me although people may reject me, He always accepts me. I learned God’s plan is always greater than my plan and He shuts doors for a reason so never settle. I learned to lean on Him and seek my self-worth in Christ. I learned to trust God no matter how much I hurt. I learned to have faith that He is in control. 

Next time you feel rejected or have words of condemnation spoken over you, seek the One who accepts you as you are. Turn your eyes to Jesus, because you are already forgiven. You are enough and He will never fail you, even when the world does. God will never reject you. 

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Courtney Wilson≫ ≫Courtney is a 23 year old young professional living in Birmingham, AL where she works in marketing. She has a passion for student ministry and women's ministry. Coffee is what keeps her going and being a foodie is what she is known for by her friends. She also loves to read and write and is always up for a grand adventure exploring God's creation in the great outdoors or traveling. Check out her blog to learn more about her: www.courtneyhopewilson.wordpress.com.


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