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Monday, September 7, 2015

You are the most beautiful creation. You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye. My love for you is so deep and I want you to come deeper, my precious Daughter. Trust me as I carry you into the forest. I have done it for your rest. It will benefit the rest of your life. I see that you are drowning in my constant showers of grace and growth. I see all your roots, as they go into foreign deep lands. I see you. You are bending and twisting around others roots and trying to find your way and depths in Me. Daughter, you feel the cool and recognize it as cold distance as any young child would. It is my protective shadows holding you so closely. As I call you to walk through seasons of different scenic routes, know that you’re the most beautiful sight. I have directed and chosen every step. I know that you have become tired and restless from the growing pains but don’t dig up in doubt what has been planted in faith, my Daughter. Your roots are in rapid growth but they are being watered by the Intentional Gardner. This is the forest where I reign forever. You are safe here with Me.

{photo: @elissagram}

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Hunter Mae Gower≫ ≫Hunter Mae is happily located in Birmingham, AL. The Magic City has her mesmerized with magnificent friends, two jobs, a local church named Arise Birmingham and a joy that cannot be contained. She is passionate about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, writing, her family, praying, empowering and encouraging. The rest of her life is currently being lived, recorded and written on the pages of www.devotedtoinspire.wordpress.com


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