Freedom From 'Hole-Stuffers' ; Filled & Free Day 2

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The night before I wrote this post I binge-watched 7 episodes of a TV show.

There were just 30 minutes each, really hilarious, I am exhausted, and I don't do this often – those were my justifications as I clicked one episode after the next for a few hours.

So while I may not be the most qualified to be writing about freedom from 'hole-stuffers' as we can all attest to the fact that TV is a very big hole-stuffer for me, I am learning a lot lately about being filled so much with God so that technology and entertainment have the place they deserve in my life and are not taking up more space than necessary. Sometimes I fail a lot, but most times living a more balanced and God-filled life is pretty fun.

This journey of freedom started sometime in June when I started a Beth Moore Bible study “Breaking Free” and had to do a lot of soul searching with the LORD to find out the things in my life that had become bondage. Among other things, the LORD kept gently showing me that the biggest bondages in my life came in the form of 'hole-stuffers' – those things that I do when I felt empty to make me fill full.

These things are different for all of us. Mine go all the way from really innocent things like buying a new book, watching hair and makeup videos on YouTube, getting on Pinterest, to just plain sinful things like gluttony, envy, a desire to control, and a lustful mind. These were the things that were holding me back from living the everyday life Christ intended from me. After confessing these things and seeking the LORD some more He began to show me that He could fix these things so that they were not 'hole-stuffers' but things that I enjoyed in their rightful place. The way He would fix me? By filling me up with Himself.

Sisters, Jesus is the answer. So simple, yet so complex.

To be honest, I would rather have had a 5 step fix your hole-stuffers Bible study plan created by God, but all He told me was to spend more time with Him. Not more time doing things for Him, or talking about Him – more time with Him. Learning about His Word, His Character, His life, and how He sees the world.

Being filled by Jesus has been the most exhilarating and freeing journey. It has taught me to go to Him when I am exhausted or impatient or just antsy for no reason. Learning about His character has transformed me into more of His image (which is a promise from scripture in 2 Corinthians 3:18).

I am free and I am learning to walk in that freedom:

Learning to see food as a gift for life, not as a cure to boredom or as a necessity when upset. Learning to surrender to Him my desire to control my life daily.
Learning to look on Facebook and celebrate the successes of others and not using it as a yardstick to compare myself.
Learning to use Pinterest and not be controlled by it.

Obviously there are moments when I fail miserably, but going back to the LORD to be filled up has lead to some incredible moments of victory. Sister I am praying that as you learn to be filled with the LORD, He will set you free.

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Salem is a brand new lawyer, an advocate for survivors of human trafficking, a wordsmith. She loves Jesus, Pumpkin-everything, Faith based yoga, hearing the heart of people. She can be found blogging at The Warrior Princess Blog, or on Instagram (afro_princess)


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