The Comfy & Cozy Collection; Fall 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

For a season, fall seems to sum me up pretty well. I have a very bright and colorful personality, so I get really excited when the seasonal transition of the leaves take place and match alongside it with their colors for a few months out of the year. There's something about stepping outside into the fall breeze and running straight into it that is so calming and refreshing to my spirit. But it's not just the outside aspect of fall that I undoubtedly enjoy. I also look forward to adding a touch of "cozy" here and "comfort" there within my home. 

Today, I am going to share my favorite fall essentials with you all. There are only nine days left until fall sinks in and I cannot wait!  (Can you tell I'm excited?)

1.) Coffee. I know what you're thinking- "This girl is crazy if she only drinks coffee during the fall!" Friends, I drink coffee everyday. There is a type of coffee, however, that I save just for the fall and winter seasons. Tucked into Townsend, TN is one of my all time favorite places, The Apple Valley Country Store & Cafe. If you've ever been to Gatlinburg, there's a good chance you've driven through Townsend, TN to get there. Their coffee is delicious and unlike any other coffee I've had (and trust me, I've had a lot of coffee). Truth be told, if you don't drink your coffee black, it may be easy for you to with the Apple Valley blends. The flavor of their coffee is an irresistible blend of smell-good-taste-good.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and check them out. You can find them online here. My two favorite blends are Maple Nut and Snicker-Doodle. 

2.) My bed. All of the comfy and cozy beds I see on Pinterest are everything I want my bed to be. Comfort is important, especially for the bed in which your body receives rest. If you've never treated yourself to a piece of cozy goodness for your resting place, I encourage you to do just that for the upcoming fall season. There is nothing like waking up with a happily rested body and a bed full of one comfortable sheet after the other. This is a bed you'll never want to get out of. Here is what's on my list to treat myself with this season: the Percale Sheet Set and TopSheet from Parachute Home in the color "Powder".

3.) Pumpkin wax melts. I am a huge fan of wax melts, especially since I can be so forgetful at times with blowing candles out. I do not have a specific wax melt to suggest, but anything pumpkin is always a good choice. The epitome of fall's arrival for a home is when the entire house smells like pumpkin or something fall-related. If you're not a candle person, or if you live somewhere where candles aren't allowed, do yourself a favor and grab a $10 wax warmer and a $2-3 pack of wax melts. This will change your life and the enjoyment levels of your living space. I guarantee it.  

4,) Boots. I cannot make it through the fall season without a good pair of boots on my feet. Every year, I treat myself to a good pair of boots that will help me walk through the cold weather with both, fashion and warm feet. Ankle boots are my all time favorite. Here are the ones I'm a sucker for this season: the DindleSuede Boot from Urban Outfitters. 

5.) Lipstick. I am a lipstick addict, especially in the fall and winter seasons. My favorite color changes from week to week, but I will say that one of my all time favorite lipstick colors is the Rouge Artist Intense (#48) from Make Up ForEver. If you like plum lipstick, this will be your new go to. I bought it from Sephora, but you can also find it online here. All of their colors are fabulous  (I'm currently eyeing the Pearly Plum) and will compliment your lips for the fall season. I guarantee it.

Now that you know my top five fall essentials, tell me yours in the comment section below! I'm always looking for things to add to my seasonal list.  

Whatever they may be, I hope you have a happy fall season!

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Emily Lauren Townsend is a 22 year old lover of Jesus, words, coffee, creation, and her furry dog pal Tucker. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama and works in full-time ministry. Emily is the founder of Daughter of Delight and holds a deep passion for empowering women toward Kingdom advancement through helping them learn how to live fully alive with an awareness of the instilled potential our Maker has placed within us all.


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