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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It is easy for me to get caught up in a sense of urgency. It is a natural tendency to want to be on the move. If I’m not doing something in a particular moment then all productivity seams lost, but that should not be the case. Our culture praises the future, what can be the next big thing, the next big experience. With that comes the false sense of urgency to share this experience on social media and then frequently check back for the responses of affirmation. 

There is a story in John 6 where Jesus feeds 5,000, but before He feeds them He insists that they sit down. In just two verses the words sit, sat, and seated are all written. Why does John put this much emphasis in his writing that the people needed to be seated? Isn’t Jesus, the one who says, pick up your mat, go and wash, and talitha koum? Why is it that now He is instructing the people to sit down? 

The more I read over this scripture the more the Holy Spirit reveals the necessity Jesus places on sitting with Him. What good is it to constantly go go go and do do do if I have yet to take time to sit with Jesus? And further, what is the good in giving others the opportunity to praise me in constantly doing things? There is this concept of a “quiet time” with Jesus, but even that has become a time of reading and writing so it can then be checked off the list. Christ requires so much more from me.
He deserves more than the time blocks I put Him into. He deserves more than a prayer before a meal. He deserves more than a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. He desires my entire being

We get caught up in the doing that we forget about the being. He desires that we not only sit, but that we sit and simply be in His presence. For when we sit He then brings as much food as we need (John 6:11 TNIV). He is the provider, the protector, the comforter, and the sustainer. If we feel a sense of urgency for anything other than Christ, we have just made that very thing our God. 

My prayer is that I may feel a sense of urgency to not just go and do, but to sit and be at the feet of Jesus.

{photo: @beautilitarian}

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Emily Watson≫ ≫Emily is a student at Oklahoma State University eagerly seeking the Creator and Savior of her soul. She is an avid lover of mornings, the golden hour, fresh flowers, coffee with cream, books, and quality time. You will often find her with a camera around her neck and a willingness to engage with others. The Lord continues to show her more and more of His glory and grace through the man made lens, which then spurs on her writing. You can see more of Emily’s photography and devotional writings at ewatsphotography.com.


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