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Monday, October 19, 2015

Vogue, People, Insider and Instyle, you leave me questioning what is true beauty? 
In Proverbs 31, if you'll allow me to recall, says you are deceiving. 
Playboy, stop playing the game with the sons and daughters of this generation.
You're the problem with this American Nation.

Men, step up, lead and play your role. 
Women be strong enough to let the man be the head
and take loving-control.

Porn, jealously, comparison and sin, 
you must flee and bow down to my Father's feet.

Porn is something taboo to talk about,
but I'll bet you'll be just as shocked that 54% of American men are watching it. 
This isn't a bash towards men.
Women are losing their class just as fast. 
This is NOT a battle against the pimps and porn, 
but satan and his army that was easily defeated 
many, many years ago. 
The battlefield of the mind is going on in every person. 
It makes me sick! 
Jesus, we seek your revelation. 
Come back to this world, before it becomes worse. 
We have hope! 
We believe you paid the price for that wicked curse.

Where You are, there is hope, freedom and redemption.
It won't go away until we are at your feet,
proclaiming "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, is the Lord God Almighty!" I believe you're coming back soon to rescue your sons and daughters. 
All in your timing. 
Until then, we look to you as the sliver lining. 


About the Author

Hunter Mae Gower≫ ≫Hunter Mae is happily located in Birmingham, AL. The Magic City has her mesmerized with magnificent friends, two jobs, a local church named Arise Birmingham and a joy that cannot be contained. She is passionate about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, writing, her family, praying, empowering and encouraging. The rest of her life is currently being lived, recorded and written on the pages of www.devotedtoinspire.wordpress.com


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