Free to Believe ; Filled & Free Day 5

Friday, October 2, 2015

You are free and you are beautiful. You are free to believe you are beautiful. It’s not conceited in any way to believe that you are beautiful. You are created in God’s image and He is absolutely stunning in every way. He placed you on Earth to display Him as little representatives of Heaven, (Philippians 3:20). You are His fingerprint here on Earth to display His wonder and give Him glory, (Isaiah 43:7). This includes your inner and outward beauty. 

Culture tells us that we have to fit within certain qualifications to be 'beautiful' by their standards. Now, we know that none of this is true. It is in God's word and His word alone that we are defined. One of my sweet friends says, "The very definition of beauty lives inside you", (Sam Lynch). This sentence strikes me every time. Take a moment to let this sink in:

The very definition of beauty lives inside you.

The most beautiful living Being lives inside me...and He makes me beautiful! My early dating years were all about getting validation and temporarily healing my insecurities. In high school, guys would tell me all the time that I was pretty and I would, in turn, give them attention out of my own insecurities. It wasn't until college where I found a relationship with Jesus. Through my relationship with Him, I realized that yes, while I may or may not be beautiful to the world's standards, God calls me beautiful and this is the only thing that matters! I unintentionally stopped dating simply because I didn't need validation of my beauty. Thankfully, God has redeemed this area in my life and though I am not dating anyone right now, I find my security in my Father God.

I have also been through a season of feeling like I had to be blind to my own looks, but I knew God said I was beautiful in the inside and outside. I also went through the awful comparison game which led to outwardly not stewarding my body and not watching what I put inside my body. I think it is so important to steward our inner beauty and to allow God to develop our character and die to our flesh and not allow ourselves to get caught up in outward beauty too much.

I want you each to know that you are beautiful - no matter what the world says! You are. I think it's beautiful when you believe this truth and hold it close as a core value that you are beautiful. Where do you receive the stamp of approval that says, "I'm beautiful"? From Beauty Himself. With this realization, you now hold your head higher and don't give leeway to past things that would take your attention from what God has purposed you to walk in. For myself, I used to find my security in men who said I was beautiful. It is sad for me to say, but with one second glance my esteem would shoot up. Now, I believe what my Heavenly Father says about my beauty and any friendships are a blessing to my heart, not just things to feed or heal my insecurities. 

I am a daughter of the Most High God, my beauty comes from Him. As women, we carry a special part of God's heart to the world. The beauty of Him gets to be displayed through ourselves to the world. Let us give Him glory in all our ways! Whether it's the way you present yourself in the way you dress, mother your children, love your husband or your friends or anything else. You carry the beauty and glory of God. You are the crown of creation. 

As a daughter of the Most High God, you have the authority to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, (2 Corinthians 10:5). So every lie that says, "You're fat, you're too skinny, you're too tall, blah blah blah" ... the list can go on. But it all falls under the category of "you aren't good enough." The truth is this: you are good enough. As believers, we have the authority to rebuke these lies and say, "No! I am good enough!" The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:12). We must take our thoughts captive and renew them... every lie that comes in... rebuke the lies and speak truth. 

To believe this truth is freedom. To believe that you are beautiful allows you to walk in all God has for you and to lead others into what you experience. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. The way that we see ourselves is a huge indication of how others will see you. Look at Caleb and Joshua in Numbers 13:33. If you believe you are a grasshopper, so will others. However, if you choose to believe that you are wonderfully and fearfully made, so will others, (Psalm 139:14). 

To be filled with the Spirit of God is what you were created for. The Holy Spirit is such a special gift. He is the comforter and the one who guides us into all truth. To have Him fill you up - from top to bottom, head to toe.. is to fully surrender. I mean who doesn't want to experience God this way? The Bible says that this is a gift to all believers. And in return, we get to be gifts to our outer world by walking in different gifts of the Spirit. What a beautiful thing! 

Friend, you are free to believe you are beautiful. You are free to enjoy life. You are free to laugh. You are free to smile. You’re free. Now lead others in the sweet freedom you experience.

For anyone who struggles to believe that perhaps they are beautiful, I want you, sweet one, to kneel before Father God and ask Him to tell you what He thinks of you. Lay it all out before Him. Lay our every lie, lay out every feeling, lay out every desire, lay out every thing you think about yourself. I promise He can handle it. I promise when you tell Him your insecurities, you'll feel the sweet presence of God fill the room with truth. Invite the Holy Spirit into that place to lead you into all truth. He will do it. It's His job assignment and He is good at it. 

{photo: @katebooye}

About the Author

Tiphani Taylor is a gentle, but fierce woman of God. She will walk through life with you and speak truth to the lies for freedom sake. Her deepest loves are Jesus and His redeeming love, coffee, big hair styles, deep conversation on coffee dates, and her family. As a daughter, sister, friend and leader, Tiphani is passionate to partner with God in every aspect of her life. You can connect with her on any of her social media handles. @tiphanitaylor


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