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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Have you ever had a dream so big that it paralyzed you with fear; a dream that made you feel alive, yet completely unequipped at the thought of actually pursuing it?

These dreams are called God-sized dreams and they are more than worth chasing.

They're big, they're scary, and a lot of the time we tend to throw them aside, tell God "No thanks", and peace out. Why? Because we feel like Moses when he was called to rescue his people from Egypt; unworthy and unequipped. We remind ourselves of our weaknesses and tell God there is someone better for what He has called us to do. Here's the thing: We are called to bring glory and honor to our Creator and when we pursue the dreams He has given us, we are doing just that.

Friends, God makes no mistakes. If He calls you to move, you need to move. He ordained your steps before you were even born. He knows what you are capable of. It is time to trust in this truth.

Remember that longing you have for purpose? The longing that cannot be filled by your profession, family, or hobbies? This longing is the fuel that will propel you in the pursuit of your God-sized dream. You were made for this.

These dreams range all over the spectrum. It could be anything from learning how to step into new opportunities with confidence, to moving forward with adopting the child you have longed of having for so long.

Fear is a jerk and it is good at crippling us when we try to pursue our dreams. But fear belongs to the devil, and he is going to do whatever he can to still the joy that the Lord has instilled within your heart. When fear shows up at your door just as you are about to step out of it to start chasing your dreams, open it and tell Satan to get behind you (Matthew 16:23). Do not let him get between the life of abundance the Lord created for you to have. This fullness of life that Jesus came to give comes from pursuing the calling that the Lord has placed within our being. And these dreams are a special part of your calling.

Your dreams have more purpose than you know. There is more than enough room for you in the Kingdom to chase them and bring them to life. It does not matter if there is already someone living out your dream. Do not be intimidated by this. Be inspired by this person's courage to move when God called them to. View this as your invitation to participate in the bigger story you were made to be a part of, and accept it as your time launch.

As a twenty-two year old girl who had the God-sized dream of starting Daughter of Delight a year and a half ago, I say this with full and total confidence: Your God-sized dreams are so worth chasing.

What are you waiting for?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. -Proverbs 13:12

{photo: @sydneyhoek}

About the Author

Emily Lauren Townsend is a 22 year old lover of Jesus, words, coffee, and creation. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama and works in full-time ministry. Emily is the founder of Daughter of Delight and holds a deep passion for empowering women toward Kingdom advancement through helping them learn how to live the life of abundance that Jesus came to give with an awareness of the instilled potential our Maker has placed within us all.


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