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Monday, November 2, 2015

You know what we love? Supporting you and the God-sized dreams the Lord brings to life through you!  

Today, we are incredibly excited to introduce to you In The Morning Co., a lifestyle brand that sells apparel and home goods relating to Jesus, mornings, and/or coffee. This shop is SO adorable (the greeting cards are an absolute favorite!) and the owner is one of our very own Daughter of Delight Creatives, Karlie Pickett! Fun fact: The name "In The Morning Co." from the well-known saying, "In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus." 

Ever woken up and decided to rock the bed head? Then this "Embrace the Bed Head" tee is just for you. Our Founder, Emily Lauren Townsend, is huge on rocking the bed head, or "controlled chaos" as she likes to call it. Sometimes the mane just can't be tamed, and this shirt is your best friend for those kind of days! 

Karlie is a great example of the truth that anything is possible, including chasing your God-sized dream and achieving it at the young age of 21! Today, we want to encourage you to do two things: 1) Head on over to In The Morning Co. and support Karlie by rocking a bed head tee or any of the other fun things in her shop. And 2) Start chasing YOUR God-sized dream.

Below is an interview with Karlie so that you can get to know her sweet spirit, creative mind, and the story behind In The Morning Co! Keep this creative one of a kind sister in mind, because she's got fun and exciting things in store for this Jesus and breakfast oriented brand! 

Name: Karlie Pickett - @karlienpickett
Age: 21
Business: In The Morning Co.
Instagram: @inthemorningco

What's the story behind In The Morning Co? 

I've always been an artist... ever since I was little, I've only ever wanted to create. As I grew older, I knew that I wanted to mix my artistic passions with the passion that I had for my Savior. With that came the dream to start my own business. In The Morning Co. is a lifestyle brand that sells apparel and home goods relating to Jesus, mornings, and/or coffee. All of the art work is my own, so that's where my creative juices come out!
The name of my company comes from that famous line... "in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus." To me, there is nothing better than waking up early to wake the sunrise while sipping a cup of hot coffee on my porch. When I was brainstorming different brand ideas, everything about In The Morning just fell into place... it's everything I love!

What's your mission for this brand?

For me, In The Morning Co is a testimony... it's a public place to give the Lord glory and to allow yourself to be in awe of his creation. I am very vocal about my faith and my relationship with Jesus and I use my company to help build relationships that could win people over for the kingdom. I want to love on my customers, I want to inspire people to be fearless about their faith, and I want to encourage people to be a part of a Christian community and movement... sometimes being a 'believer' has a bad stigma attached to it... I want to show people that it's something to be cherished and it's something to EMBRACE. 

The Lord is good, the Lord is beautiful, and the Lord is FUN... I want all of my products and everything I do to be a reflection of those things.

I also believe in supporting other Christian makers and organizations. I want to help others have the support that they would need.

What do you sell?

Tshirts, Tanks, Journals, Mugs, Stickers, Prints, Etc. :)

Any advice for the God-sized dreamers out there?

Get the facts. For me, I'm a creative... I don't pay as much attention to the logistical things and that can come back and bite ya in the butt. You have to meet with people and get all your questions answered (even if it means scheduling meetings with your own accountant or lawyer!).

In your eyes, what does it mean to be a Daughter of Delight?

To me, being a daughter of delight means relishing in who you are in Jesus... Christ breathed life into my dry bones and resurrected my broken spirit. Being a daughter of delight means choosing joy every day because of what the Lord has done in me and for me through his blood. He has given me life. He has given me purpose. And I will not stop choosing joy because of it... and I will not stop skipping and laughing and jumping and squealing in delight because the King of Kings loves me dearly.  


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