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Monday, November 9, 2015

No matter the condition of your heart, His love is unconditional. We don’t strive for perfection within ourselves; only though receiving the death of a perfect Savior. We need to embrace confession more than silence it for applause. Just like our hands, we cannot receive if our hands are in fists. But when they are totally open, we can receive all things that are handed to us. If our hearts aren’t open to repentance, then we cannot receive the awesome gifts that God has for us. I don’t obtain perfection by working out, having the latest fashions, wearing makeup, editing my photos, living the most trendy life but by God’s Presence. Because that is the only Perfection that isn’t a lie or leads to false identity. He shows me who I am and can be when I live with Him. It is in His presence where I bring my problems and He brings perfection. His power and grace overrides all those things within just one moment. 

You are the anchor
I’m the sails.
I'll allow your breathe to move me.
I can see now
That your decisions are right.
Your testing has taught me
What is true and right.
My mind would change everyday if my heart lead the way
But I will stand on the rock of all your ways. 
Your defeated all death with me, forever.


About the Author

Hunter Mae Gower≫ ≫Hunter Mae is happily located in Birmingham, AL. The Magic City has her mesmerized with magnificent friends, two jobs, a local church named Arise Birmingham and a joy that cannot be contained. She is passionate about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, writing, her family, praying, empowering and encouraging. The rest of her life is currently being lived, recorded and written on the pages of www.devotedtoinspire.wordpress.com


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