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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The feeling of being forgotten has been an unexpected challenge of adulthood for me. No one warned me there would be many days where I feel like crying out, “What about me?!” Communication with friends dwindles as people move out of state for jobs, work long hours to get a promotion, or get married and begin their families. 

“What about me? Am I still important in your life?” People post on social media about how they have their dream job. Meanwhile, I’m thinking that while I like my job, it’s not where I pictured myself. “What about me? When am I going to feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be? When will I stop feeling like I’m getting lost in the shuffle of life?"

Even though I may feel forgotten, deep down I know I’m not. God has told us, “I have called you by name. You are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1). This makes it impossible for us to be forgotten. We may feel as if the world has forgotten us or we’re not where we should be, but none of this is true. God knows our names and directs our steps. We are God’s children and he could never forget us. 

{photo: @karlienpickett}

About the Author

Jenna Whalen≫ ≫Jenna is a 24 year old working for the Indiana CPA Society doing volunteer communication and planning events. Graduating with a Communications degree, she never imagined she'd be working for a CPA Society, but God had different plans for her and she happily followed where he led. She lives in Indianapolis and enjoys exploring all hidden gems the city holds. She loves to read, owns too many pair of shoes, never  turns down chips and salsa, and will find any excuse to wear a flower crown. Jenna is forever thankful for God's grace and his patience with her while she navigates life in her twenties. You can follow along with her adventures atjennakwhalen.wordpress.com.


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