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Thursday, December 24, 2015

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. -Luke 2:19 

We see this line in scripture after Jesus was born, after all of His visitors came to adore Him, after the great company of heavenly hosts appeared with the angel. Mary, the birth Mother of the Savior of the entire world must have been astonished at what the Lord Was doing. Mary, so fragile, but willing. Mary, so overwhelmed, but willing. Mary, so...exhausted... but willing. 

I've been thinking about the things that God asks me to do. How unwilling am I more times than not. Yet, here's Mary, willing. Willing to go against societal norms for the sake of obedience. 

Would I do that? Would you?

What if we really trusted the Lord with every fiber of our beings? What if we were not afraid to be insanely obedient? 
Where is the Lord calling you into radical obedience this season? What will be your treasure? What will you ponder in your heart? 

Oh great Light of the World, come make us whole. 

Merry Christmas Eve! 

{photo: @elissagram}

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Megan Faulkner≫ ≫Megan Faulkner is a Delaware native now claiming the shores of New Jersey as her home (after a decade of living there!) Megan is a full time Youth Pastor at a local Church in New Jersey and a missionary who spends some of her year in the nation of Haiti.  When she's not traveling or spending time with families she serves, she can be found on the beach or spending time with her family and friends. Megan is a devoted fan of the Phillies, Steelers, and loves all things cheese or chocolate. 


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