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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The word fierce has been trending in my newsfeed and on my heart quite often the last couple of weeks. The many times my eyes would catch the word, it would most often be used in the context of someone who loved with a fierce sense of intentionality and determination. It led me to then start questioning myself on not only how well I love others, but how fierce I am in my faith, love, and pursuit of my Father as well. 

I moved to Birmingham, AL for a job in full time ministry 6 months ago. Although we are all called to be ministers, when I actually stepped into the title of minister, I started to experience spiritual warfare like I never had before. I left the life I knew to pursue the calling God placed on my life, alone, and Satan wanted to destroy me because of it. But God kept whispering, “Come close, My daughter. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.” So I drew close, and then I drew closer. 

The last 6 months have given me new wings to fly. When Satan stirred up a dark season of life, the Lord still showed up with His light. If I’ve learned anything from this season, it’s the importance of being intentional in taking care of your heart, even in the most devastating of seasons. 

There is power in living as a woman of fierce faith in the Kingdom. It takes a deep love for and a deep trust in God. It takes the understanding that you are a part of God’s story; every season, every change, every circumstance. Your entire life has purpose and your were made to chase that purpose with the fuel that will pull you through it all...fierce faith

When God molded you, He left a special place in your heart for you to develop the fierce faith He desires for you to have. It’s all about choice, and my prayer for you is that you’ll always make the best one. Love your mind, body and soul with the same, fierce sense of intentionality and determination that we were made to love others with. In addition, love the Lord your God so relentlessly that it changes the way you love and trust Him as well. You were made to shine, even in the darkest of times. 


About the Author

Emily Lauren Townsend is a 22 year old lover of Jesus, words, coffee, and creation. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama and works in full-time ministry. Emily is the founder of Daughter of Delight and holds a deep passion for empowering women toward Kingdom advancement through helping them learn how to live fully alive with an awareness of the instilled potential our Maker has placed within us all.


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