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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. -Psalm 73:26 

Are you tired? You might be physically tired, emotionally exhausted or weary of intense mental concentration. You might even be spiritually tired! I'm um... ALL of the above!

Asaph, a Temple musician, wrote Psalm 73. This is the confession of a man who had come to the end of himself and realized he could never sustain his own soul. Do you ever feel a little like that? I do. Most days, in fact! This passage is the heart of a soul thirsting and hungering for the presence of God. ”My flesh and my heart” describe the entire human being: “my flesh” describes my physical flesh; “my heart” means the totality of the self, everything about me except my physical flesh. When Asaph says these “may fail” he means that the strength of our physical being and our inner self will for sure come to an end. They have definite limits. But, we know that God does not. 

I am praying that whatever comes your way in this new year, you will rely on the strength of the Lord; not your own might. 

May God be the strength of your heart in 2016, may your soul thirst and hunger after His presence only. 

Happy New Year! 

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Megan Faulkner≫ ≫Megan Faulkner is a Delaware native now claiming the shores of New Jersey as her home (after a decade of living there!) Megan is a full time Youth Pastor at a local Church in New Jersey and a missionary who spends some of her year in the nation of Haiti.  When she's not traveling or spending time with families she serves, she can be found on the beach or spending time with her family and friends. Megan is a devoted fan of the Phillies, Steelers, and loves all things cheese or chocolate. 


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