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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

… you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” — Romans 8:15 (ESV)

God as Father is a hard thing for many women to grasp. It is hard to comprehend the depth of the Father’s love when our own father was absent. Growing up, I lived in a home ridden with drugs, alcohol and marital problems. I knew that my father loved me; However, I often equated my father’s absence in our home with feeling as if the Lord was absent as well. Despite what I read about His nearness in the Word, I thought that He was distant and uninvolved in my everyday life. I never realized how I transposed my earthly father’s characteristics on to the Lord until just recently.

My husband’s relationship with our baby girl has completely changed how I view the depth of the Father’s love and His working in our lives. My husband is present. He plays and laughs with our daughter, reads Scripture to her, prays with and for her, dances with her, sings to her… I can see the depth of his love simply in how he looks at her. I cannot help but rejoice at how he is teaching my daughter (and myself) about the love of the Father.

We are God’s beloved daughters. He is present in our everyday lives. He quiets us with His love, rejoices over us with singing and speaks quietly to our hearts. Abba hears and responds to every prayer- even when we do not have the words to pray. He dances with us throughout all of life’s journeys. He loves us with the love of the Father.

May God reveal to you just how deep his fountain of love flows for you- his precious daughter. You are dearly loved, cared for and desired. Allow God to heal you from past hurts and wrap you in his strong, tender arms. 

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Bethany Herron≫ ≫Bethany, age 24, is a wife to Jeffrey and new mom to Kinsey Reese. She and her family reside in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. Bethany is a stay at home mom and pastor's wife, who loves her Savior, family, fitness and the outdoors. She enjoys spending her mornings knee deep in coffee and the Word. 


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