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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

…beauty for ashes…

Burned out, burned up, nothing less than everything we have to give… the birthplace of beauty.

In the midst of a photoshopped and selfie-addicted culture, we compare and contrast all the things we are, and all the things we are not. Thin, thick, tall, short, straight, curly, tan, porcelain, curvy or barely mosquito-bitten – whatever it is, “beauty” seems to define itself by everything we cannot be. Culture is a spinning, fickle compass. No true guidance, no consistent direction, no real comfort for those of us struggling in our skin.

But beauty is beyond skin-deep. And, contrary to popular belief, beauty is not a matter of acceptance – whether by others or by ourselves. It’s a much deeper matter than self-confidence and self-affirmation, and it cannot be found in the pages of pop culture.

[…turn your eyes upon Jesus…]

Beauty is the cross. Beauty is the blazing sacrifice of God. Beauty is the martyrs and saints and forerunners of old – and today. Beauty is the gentle, steady flame of faith, which makes little of itself and everything of Jesus. Such beauty is of unspeakable worth to God. Let us not forget or neglect this standard, but rather let’s redefine beauty in the shadow of the cross, in the light of His glory and grace – and let the things of earth grow strangely dim…

For they will all fade and perish. But true beauty is imperishable, undiminishable, and unconquerable. And, by the relieving grace of God, attainable.

Because He’ll make that trade – beauty for ashes. Brilliant, boundless beauty for everything you are, ablaze for His glory. 


About the Author

Amy Summerhill≫ ≫Amy is a twenty-nine year old homemaker, literally (re)making her home in Fort Smith, Arkansas with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Along with remodeling diy style, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, backpacking and co-entrepreneuring adventures with the ManHub. Above all, she enjoys fostering conversations and communities centered on the beautiful grace and majesty of Jesus - whether that's a church building, bookstore or back patio. She longs to see the Church understand the intimacy of grace and walk in the confident humility it brings. She believes so much in the joy God takes in His children she branded her arm with hephzibah - a Hebrew name that means God delights in her - hoping to inspire strangers and friends alike with the thought that God might just delight in them too.


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