Daily Delight

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I feel weak. My heart hiding deep behind these shaking ribs. I have failed You. And I am helpless to make amends. I have been jealous, angry, selfish and unkind. Ungrateful, hateful – distant and disobedient.

Today, I am the prodigal – tomorrow the self-righteous brother.

Why do I try to make it on my own? Scratching out a life without the One who gives it… oh, Abba… show me a better way. These little trinkets I treasure – do I treasure them more than You? Have I given You up for a stack of silver? Cruel kiss, shameful and guilty – I know You, but I have not loved You.

Oh, God of my healing, all I want to do is call Your name: Abba, Abba – I hurt myself. Can You make it better? Would You heal these knees bloodied and heart bruised by paths my mind has wandered? Sirens my thoughts have followed – they aren’t as good as You. They can’t call me home like You can.

My name sounds whole from Your lips – like being born again. Would You say me again? Breath that spun galaxies, can You spin new bone and blood and tenderness? Sew my soul whole? I’m so sorry, and I have nothing to bring You but confession. I have no alibi. Just words of wrong.

Make me right.

I climb trembling, curl on this altar and await Your flame. Create me new, create me known – peel back the ribs, and take the heart that hides beneath.”

- my journal. 

I’m sorely tempted to say it’s not so serious as it sounds – but it is. Whatever the world may say: “normal”, “just human” do not reflect the Spirit living inside. I’m sorry for the vulnerability, but perhaps someone else needs to know in this world of so-called beautiful messes – repentance from the mess is the beauty.

Sharing that He is forever the same so I don’t have to be, is the beauty.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
–2 Chronicles 7:14(NIV) 

{photo: @katebooye}

About the Author

Amy Summerhill≫ ≫Amy is a twenty-nine year old homemaker, literally (re)making her home in Fort Smith, Arkansas with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Along with remodeling diy style, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, backpacking and co-entrepreneuring adventures with the ManHub. Above all, she enjoys fostering conversations and communities centered on the beautiful grace and majesty of Jesus - whether that's a church building, bookstore or back patio. She longs to see the Church understand the intimacy of grace and walk in the confident humility it brings. She believes so much in the joy God takes in His children she branded her arm with hephzibah - a Hebrew name that means God delights in her - hoping to inspire strangers and friends alike with the thought that God might just delight in them too.


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