Daily Delight

Saturday, February 27, 2016

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers.
-Psalm 1:3

Soon enough, the snow here in Ohio will melt and the green of the earth will begin a beautiful rebirth through the cracked and lifeless ground - the flowers will begin to bloom; sweet springtime.
But I am reminded that, unlike the seasons of earth, the seasons of life are full of nourishment and prosperity in the Word. The more we delight in God's presence, the more fruitful we are to become.
But the seasons of life seem to change much more frequently than the weather, bringing with them sunshine or storms, yet meant to grow us. But sometimes, we are depleted and left bare of all our fruit. Thankfully, as we bask in Jesus and soak up the Living Water, we nourish our souls and become prosperous once more. 

Even though we aren't promised sunshine in all of our days, when we apply the wisdom of our Father, we bear kindness and graciousness to weather us through even the deepest of seasons. 

{photo: @bethno13}

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Brandi Olmos≫ ≫ Brandi, 23, is a nomadic military wife and mama to two little boys, currently residing in Dayton, Ohio. She can normally be found in the middle of a good book, behind the lens of her camera, or in front of a large bowl of spaghetti. With a degree in history, she awakened her love of writing through researching the past. Above all, she believes in passionate pursuits, vulnerable faith, agape love, and the power of grace and forgiveness through her Heavenly Father. You can follow her thoughts and adventures at brandiolmos.com.


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