Daily Delight

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy are those whose strength is in You, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage... -Psalm 84:5 (HCSB)

You are the strength of the journey, and the joy of arriving. The solid earth beneath, so my ankles do not turn, and the song within my chest that steadies and buoys the rest of my being. For I have set my heart on pilgrimage: to the one thing I ask, the one thing I see - that I may stay - in the beauty of Your grace.

I have set my heart on pilgrimage, leaving past loves and hopes behind, counting the cost, considering it all loss… at the thought of knowing You. Words of scorn a greater treasure, than to stay here with the petty and their pleasures.

I have set my heart on pilgrimage, climbing Jacob’s stair – one foot on the ground, one decidedly in air. The struggle dared, no wanting spared – but saints surrounding in brilliant chorus – the Reward is more than worth it.

I have a small life, and even that not so assuredly mine. Rather You keep it, than me feebly try and find myself inept. Rather You spend my days, than find my minutes and moments not withstanding the flame. Rather You draw me on, to captivate and allure with a joy that endures – and a hope that will not disappoint.

You have set my heart on pilgrimage, and will see me through all my smallness to the greatness of Your Name. And one day, to the greatness of Your gaze. Where I can say, here, Lord, here – I finished my race... Which You will take … and forge a crown. And then all the heavens will burst Your renown. The preposterous love of You.

That’s what sees my journey through. 

{photo: @d.bod}

About the Author

Amy Summerhill≫ ≫Amy is a twenty-nine year old homemaker, literally (re)making her home in Fort Smith, Arkansas with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Along with remodeling diy style, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, backpacking and co-entrepreneuring adventures with the ManHub. Above all, she enjoys fostering conversations and communities centered on the beautiful grace and majesty of Jesus - whether that's a church building, bookstore or back patio. She longs to see the Church understand the intimacy of grace and walk in the confident humility it brings. She believes so much in the joy God takes in His children she branded her arm with hephzibah - a Hebrew name that means God delights in her - hoping to inspire strangers and friends alike with the thought that God might just delight in them too.


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