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Friday, March 25, 2016

Every Friday is good; can I get an Amen? But this specific Friday is Good, making it particularly special and important to our walk with Christ. This is not the kind of special attention that Good Friday and Easter weekend has gained over the years. This 21st materialized Century has a way of commercializing things that essentially rob us of allowing the importance and severity of those very things to overwhelm our hearts.

When we pay attention to the advertisements and community events that this weekend brings, it is easy to become consumed by Easter egg hunts, color dyeing eggs, packaged candies such as jellybeans and Peeps, and planning Sunday lunches with our families. In doing these things, we must not lose sight of the true meaning this weekend brings. When we honestly begin to recognize Good Friday as the day that our perfect Jesus Christ was nailed into a cross because He loved us that much, then we can step out of the manipulated mindset of Good Friday being colorful, fun, and lighthearted. Let us not only celebrate the happiness that Sunday brings because of Jesus’ rising, but let us also allow our hearts to break because of the content the Friday of Easter weekend represents.

This weekend is certainly a kickoff to Spring, so I believe these community events and happy feelings that take place should not be discouraged by any means. However, I also believe we must check our hearts and keep our minds focused as we prepare for this weekend and the many events that do take place within our church homes and communities.

The true love of our Creator is strong enough, bold enough, and extravagant enough to overcome death. Jesus’ perfect sacrifice has set us free. We are free to go and be love. Jesus himself said, I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. –John 11:25 (NIV). How incredible is it that our relationship with Jesus buds by simply believing? Believing is all it takes to never die. Living in accordance to Him pleases Him, but the first seed in our faith is belief.

Let us pray to keep the Christ-centered mindset that this weekend means to us as believers. Jesus gave it all for us, and that is such an indescribable act of love. This weekend brings such beauty and light into our lives, so it is my prayer we will feel and demonstrate love this weekend.

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Hope Boyd≫ ≫This 19-year-old gal receives the honor of calling Clarksville, TN, home. Hope Lauren is in her sophomore year at Austin Peay State University and works part-time for a local coffee shop inside of a beautiful antique marketplace in her hometown. When she is not knee deep in the Word of God, Hope can be found grabbing coffee within a 100-mile radius (she loves to coffee shop hop) or on any trail--as she frequently takes hiking trips to the mountains in the eastern part of her beloved state. Hope will only be calling the United States home for three more months; she will be moving to Ethiopia to serve as a field director for a non-profit that advocates child sponsorship and cares for the orphans in Africa. She is thrilled to be spending her last few months in the States with the Daughter of Delight ministry and can hardly wait to see what the Lord has in store for everyone this season. Follow her adventures via pictures on Instagram: @ho__bo__


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