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Friday, April 1, 2016

We must have faith to follow God, and often times He calls us to leave something behind in obedience to Him. God promised to bless Abram’s descendants and give them the land of Canaan if he was obedient. This means that Abram had to walk away from his normality and everything that was familiar to him. His Holy Word claims, The Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country, your people and your Father’s household to the land I will show you,’ -Genesis 12:1(NIV). Abram walked away from it all—his family, his friends, and his comfort zone in order to gain the mighty blessings of the Lord. Even though Abram had no idea how or with what the Lord was going to bless him and his decedents, Abram followed through in faith. Little did Abram know how amazing God’s vision truly was.
The same is true in our lives as well. Our thoughts about how God wants to use us are much too small. We limit God’s blessings for our lives by assuming the plan instead of giving up something in order to strengthen our faith. If only we could taste the delights that the Lord has waiting for us, then we would leave everything behind without the slightest hesitation. However, that is not how our God works. We must choose to leave first, then we see by faith the rewards ahead in moving toward them.

Is there anything the Lord has been calling you to leave behind in obedience to Him? He may be asking you to walk away from a distraction that limits, restricts, or compromises your relationship with Him. He may even be asking you to give up a lifestyle in order to gain His blessings.

Leaving familiar through faith in order to gain His blessing is something that has struck home for me in the passing months as I prepare to move out of the country for one year. The Lord has taught me the importance of walking away from my own comfort zone in order to gain His blessings. I am trusting that His plan is bigger for my life and that He is going to use me in ways that I would have never dreamt of. Without this faith in Him, I would be limiting His will for my life. Let us not hesitate to leave our old ways behind. Remember: What God calls us to leave behind will pale in comparison to His blessings ahead.

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Hope Boyd≫ ≫This 19-year-old gal receives the honor of calling Clarksville, TN, home. Hope Lauren is in her sophomore year at Austin Peay State University and works part-time for a local coffee shop inside of a beautiful antique marketplace in her hometown. When she is not knee deep in the Word of God, Hope can be found grabbing coffee within a 100-mile radius (she loves to coffee shop hop) or on any trail--as she frequently takes hiking trips to the mountains in the eastern part of her beloved state. Hope will only be calling the United States home for three more months; she will be moving to Ethiopia to serve as a field director for a non-profit that advocates child sponsorship and cares for the orphans in Africa. She is thrilled to be spending her last few months in the States with the Daughter of Delight ministry and can hardly wait to see what the Lord has in store for everyone this season. Follow her adventures via pictures on Instagram: @ho__bo__


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