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Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Your eyes reflect your brokenness, but my daughter make Me your beloved, hear Me knocking on your door, let Me extinguish your thirst and give you rest. Don’t let Me become your untold song."
The process of learning to slow down is really hard. For everything I go through I always take too much upon myself. I become shattered by all the things I have to complete makes me lose sight of Him, and in those moments He sees what He can mold me into.
In Genesis 2:2 I find myself blown away by Gods sovereignty: And on the seventh day God finished His work that He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work that He had done. God does not need to rest. He is showing us a rhythm in our lifestyle. Rest is overestimated in society; we don’t have the patience or the courage to slow down. But rest is something that God maintained as well. “A rough and unshapen log has no idea that it can be made into a statue that will considered a masterpiece, but the carver sees what can be done with it. So many…do not understand that God can mold them into saints, until they put themselves into the hands of that almighty Artisan.” – St. Ignatius Loyola.
Adam was created the day before the Sabbath. The first breath Adam took in his life was on the Sabbath; he entered his life into Gods rest. So let His rhythm of life glorify through you by slowing down today.

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About the Author

Priscilla Ganda Mall≫ ≫Priscilla Ganda Mall, 25, living in Sweden in a city called Orebro. Last term she took her bachelor of art in Media and Commuication and is now working at a newspaper called Hemmets Van, and a publishing house named Marcusforlag. She is a girl that is deeply in love with her saviour Jesus Christ and seeks to find her joy in him everyday, by surrendering herself to Christ she has acknowledging His love. Other hobby she has is running outside in the nature of Sweden, baking and spending time with her friends and family.


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