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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Please start this devotional off by reading the Parable of the Lost Son, found in Luke 15:18-20.

This story is so touching to me, and as I was praying over what to share, I kept coming back to this past Sunday at church as we read this same story, and I felt led to share just that.

In this story, we see the son demands his inheritance from his father, and when he receives it, he sets off and ends up squandering it all away. He comes to a point where he is starving, and longs to eat even the pods he is feeding to the pigs (vs. 15). Eventually, he realizes his father’s goodness, and decides to return home to him. We can see his ashamedness as he prepares in his mind to beg his father to hire him on as a servant upon his return, as he felt he was no longer worthy to be called his son. He was prepared for his father to be angry that he ran away and wasted away his inheritance; he was prepared for his father to disown him for his behavior; he was prepared for his father to show him an unloving response to his actions.

I realized upon soaking these verses in, that many times, I expect a very earthly response from God when I mess up. I feel His disappointment, I don’t feel worthy of His grace, I’m prepared for Him to grow silent in my heart because He must be angry at me. I find myself weepy reading this story and I think one reason is because I realize the picture this paints for us all of what God’s love is truly like; even when we mess up big time.

When the son returns, his father is watching and waiting for him. When he sees him breaking the horizon, he doesn’t just walk to his son, he runs to him, and embraces him! His response is not at all what I can imagine the son is prepared for. His father is filled with joy and compassion and takes him in, feeds him, clothes him. This is much like our Heavenly Father. When we turn away from Him, He is watching the horizon for our return. As soon as we turn around to head home, He is running to us! He’s there to embrace us, love on us, and tell us that we are not identified by our past mistakes; we are His, and His love is greater.


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Tera Pianalto≫ ≫Tera is a wife and stay at home mom to a sweet little girl. She lives in Northwest Arkansas and loves all things southern! Her favorite things are being with the people she loves, warm, sunny days, being outside, coffee, and puppies. Tera's goal is to make her ministry in her everyday life by serving her daughter and husband, and encouraging and loving on those around her.


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