Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Marriage has allowed me to see God in a way I have never seen Him before. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I stepped into the white dress, walked down the aisle, vowed my love to my sweet husband, and made a covenant before God. But little did I know, nothing prepares you for marriage.

After the first couple of months of pure bliss, reality started to set in and blending my goals and dreams with his became a tough struggle. I’m all about control and being in the know. I’m independent, and I want to do big things. I’m a go-getter, adventurer, and a dreamer. My husband is a laidback leader. He finds peace in the small milestones and finds joy in God’s timing and rest. We most certainly balance each other out. My gifts and talents aren’t his gifts and talents, and finding a way to merge them into a masterpiece is like putting together a five thousand piece monochromatic puzzle.

I never truly thought about it until things were not going how I envisioned it. Moving to a new place was hard. Instead of feeling joy at my husband’s soaring career, I felt jealousy. My career was going nowhere. Instead of resting and dwelling in this new place and new relationships, I tried to make my plans work. Instead of involving myself in my husband’s ministry, I tried to make my own big thing happen. It’s safe to say that I lost sight of what marriage could be: a Kingdom tool. I had so easily overlooked the power and holiness of a unity that God created. I just sulked and pouted because my dreams weren’t the top priority.

After much prayer and rest, I realized that God’s words have never been more powerful. 1 Corinthians 13:4 states, “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast…” It was my ah-ha moment! I had it all wrong. I love my husband so much my heart could burst, but I was not showing it. It was in that moment when I truly felt what God meant by sharing in one flesh. The marriage unity is powerful. To be unified with a God-fearing man meant that his joy is my joy, his valleys are my valleys, and his mountaintops are my mountaintops. We walk this journey together as one. I truly believe that’s how God meant for it to be.

This changed my perspective and made me want to be a better wife and challenged myself to share in what my husband found important. Instead of trying to find every ample opportunity to run myself ragged to find a place to serve, I found peace and rest in quiet time with my Savior. I became content with restful moments of coffee and conversation with my spouse. I slowed down and even went to a track meet to cheer on his students! For 10 months, my patient husband has been subtly asking me to walk this journey with him. He’s invited me to delight and rejoice with him, and finally, I joined and the Lord has been faithful yet again.

Marriage is such a gift and blessing from God. To share in someone intimately is a powerful portrayal of the relationship our Father longs to have with us. I believe that by simply walking together with our spouse and finding purpose in that relationship will give the world a peek at the undeniable love of our Savior.

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River White≫ ≫River is a newly wed and is discovering the fullness of God's unending faithfulness. She loves to spread laughter and joy wherever she goes. Seeing the Spirit move in people is inspirational. She enjoys ways too much coffee, a good book, running, and hopes to travel the world someday.


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