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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I, like many of my fellow sisters in Christ, can remember the day I asked Jesus to dwell in my heart forever. I was only eight years old, yet I understood the importance and my need for Him. He became my Savior that day, and it wouldn’t be the last time that word would prove to hold so much power and meaning in my life.

Many years down the road, a graduate in high school, my whole world was shaken when my parents suddenly announced that they would be getting divorced, and my dad moved out within the week. Distraught and heartbroken over the split in my once happy, once full family portrait, I became very depressed. I suffered anxiety, an eating disorder, and I lost many close friends as I ostracized myself from my college dorm life and my closest relationships. Then, through my tears of desperation, Jesus picked up the pieces of my brokenness and began to piece me back together. Slowly, but ever faithfully, He showed up each new day, and I was made whole again. He turned my story of sorrow into a story of redemption, and my experience that had once been so painful to think back on, now held a gentle sweetness for my memory. Savior.

I can recount many times in my life since then that my Savior has shown up in big ways; from my days of leaving home and learning to live independently, to a time of great loss and sadness, to our finances, and so on. He shows up to protect us, guide us, hold us, redeem our stories and make beauty out of our ashes…Savior. He isn’t capable of doing anything less; that’s what He is! We call out to Him, and He’s there. He picks us up right where we are, wipes our tears, intervenes when He knows best and we don’t, and shares His redemptive grace with us—even in our ugliest moments. Our wonderful, faithful Savior. Take comfort and know that He is a mighty Savior, and though our hearts and eternity may be sealed, His saving grace goes even beyond His ultimate redemption at the cross. Our story is never too broken, too lost, too far gone, or even (and especially) too good for God’s saving grace. We are in need of our Savior every single day, and His story of salvation over our lives is far from done!

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Tera Pianalto≫ ≫Tera is a wife and stay at home mom to a sweet little girl. She lives in Northwest Arkansas and loves all things southern! Her favorite things are being with the people she loves, warm, sunny days, being outside, coffee, and puppies. Tera's goal is to make her ministry in her everyday life by serving her daughter and husband, and encouraging and loving on those around her.


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