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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are you ready to hear the best thing ever? Jesus Christ saved us. He did all of the work that needed to be done so that you and I, sinners, could have life.
Revelation 1 tells us that He stands in Heaven wearing a golden sash around his chest. Why His chest? Because the work is done — it is finished! — and He is the champion. He doesn't need a belt to hold up His pants because He finished the necessary work on the cross. He said "It is Finished" and He meant it.
We, however, are in belt of­ truth ­around­ our­ waist season. Our work isn’t done! We still need a belt that will hold up our pants because we are spending our days serving the Lord in our work. Not the work of our salvation — that is finished, praise Jesus! — but the work of spreading the good news of the Gospel.
What is the Gospel? It is that Jesus Christ died and rose from death so that sinners who call upon Him can have life. You can tell it longer than that but the basics is that we were dead and Jesus has offered us life.
Our mission this side of Heaven is to tell everybody the good news.
Here's one of my favourite facts: right now is the only time in eternity that we get to spread the gospel­­. Eventually we will live in Heaven and see God face to face. This is our only time ever to share about Jesus, so let’s do it!
Let's show the Lord that we understand that He has given us a life we don't deserve and let's spread the Gospel around everywhere.

Who comes to mind when you hear words on mission? Who pops in your head as someone who doesn't yet know that Jesus is Lord. Have you told them?

I heard a pastor say once that some people have rejected God but most people just haven't heard about Jesus.
So do it! Send a text asking that friend for coffee. Ask Jesus to give you deeper love for the lost. The Holy Spirit is within you if you are a Christian so ask Him for help to live today and each day following better on mission.


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Nadine Schroeder≫ ≫Nadine is a noticer of the many small beauties in the everyday and seeks to be a relentless cheerleader of others. She believes strongly that the Gospel is applicable everyday and that the good life is now. She can be found with a black coffee in hand, eyes watching the ever changing colour of the sky, with a new idea about to be shared on Instagram (@nadinewouldsay) or on her blog http://nadinewoudlsay.com . She lives on the west coast of Canada but while hanging out with us she’ll be moving cross country to Montreal.


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