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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Christians are meant to be bright lights in the dark sky.

Those around can remain in the dark if they’d like. The secrets they hold can stay in the dark. They can stay in the dark, growing and festering and not healing. However! There is no way they can avoid noticing that somewhere in the sky, there’s a light.

I think much on the idea of being a light. It’s probably one of my most fixated on ideas.

The culture I live in believes different than I. Most of the people I encounter outside of my church friends do not share the same belief as I do.

So I just get to be me. (And you, you get to be you!) I get to ask the Holy Spirit of God to give me markers of Himself: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

I know that those markers are gifts from Him. They’re not things I can earn or try to do. They’re from Him. It was a truly amazing moment when I realized that, when I stopped striving to DO the fruits of the Spirit and simply asked Him to give them me as HE wanted me to have them.

So I ask for them and I steward them as they’re given, in whatever portion He allots me.

Currently? I’m just sitting here holding on to my light.

I hold onto the light, I sit on the hill, I sing my tunes of faith, hope, and love. Just like Jesus told me to.

I sit and wait expectantly to be noticed by the ones without the same light as I.

Friend, can I call you to go deeper with the Lord today, to set yourself alight! Be a bright light. Make that choice now. Be loving, compassionate, kind, gracious, and slow to anger because God has always been all of those things to you. Be forgiving because Christ forgave you. Be available to others because the Holy Spirit is available to you.

Okay? Okay.


About the Author

Nadine Schroeder≫ ≫Nadine is a noticer of the many small beauties in the everyday and seeks to be a relentless cheerleader of others. She believes strongly that the Gospel is applicable everyday and that the good life is now. She can be found with a black coffee in hand, eyes watching the ever changing colour of the sky, with a new idea about to be shared on Instagram (@nadinewouldsay) or on her blog http://nadinewoudlsay.com . She lives on the west coast of Canada but while hanging out with us she’ll be moving cross country to Montreal.


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