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Friday, July 8, 2016

I used to try to please everyone. It was tiring. I couldn’t live up to the standards of those around me because I was living in a way I thought they wanted.

Jesus saw a man sitting in a tree and knew that the guy could use some freedom. Culture told this guy to be a good business man—making money at the expense of others—and to continue on in his loneliness. Jesus taught him to be generous, be known in community and serve others with gladness.

Jesus met a woman who came a well when it would would lack others because she lived in constant shame. Jesus handed her freedom. When she left him, she went into the city and told everyone— who she normally was afraid to talk to because of her shame —about a man who told her all she had ever done. Culture told her to simultaneously continue on in her broken sin and keep feeling shame about her choices, all the while living small. Jesus gave her the ability to give up shame and start living the good life.

Jesus looks us deep in the eye. He knows us. He counts our freckles, lies, hairs and secrets and then hands us His own righteousness to wear as clothing.

Jesus found me out in a church office. My pastor looked me in the eye and told me that I loved in a way that was huge and beautiful and that sometimes it wasn’t out of a good heart.

His words hurt but ultimately pushed me toward freedom because in calling me out on something no one else had,he taught me there was a different way. I could serve without expecting recognition. I could say yes and no to the right things because I wasn’t looking to people for acceptance. No, I could look to Christ.

What would Jesus say to you today? How would he look at you? Would He see you only coming out when you think it’s safe to avoid others? Would He see you climbing up a tree because you think that on your own you don’t measure up?

Friend, Jesus sees you. He sees you. He loves you. He accepts you. He longs for you to believe that He has good for you, that He really and truly does delight in you. 

About the Author

Nadine Schroeder≫ ≫Nadine is a noticer of the many small beauties in the everyday and seeks to be a relentless cheerleader of others. She believes strongly that the Gospel is applicable everyday and that the good life is now. She can be found with a black coffee in hand, eyes watching the ever changing colour of the sky, with a new idea about to be shared on Instagram (@nadinewouldsay) or on her blog http://nadinewoudlsay.com . She lives on the west coast of Canada but while hanging out with us she’ll be moving cross country to Montreal.


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