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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I've always dreamed of having an oriental rug. They tend to be silly expensive so it's been put on my "later in life list.” This past weekend Austin and I stumbled upon a small rug store. We decided to look through a few just for fun. We pulled back a couple of rugs and there it was, the rug of my dreams. The owner of the store interjected, “I call that one: The Happy Rug, because it just makes me feel happy when I look at it." THE HAPPY RUG?!?! Needless to say, we felt the same about it.
Before we left we asked about the price of the rug, bracing ourselves for the cost. He took a minute, muttered to himself, and told us that he would like to offer us the rug at a huge discount and the price he named fell perfectly within our budget.
We left the store on a cloud… with rug in tow.

Life is about celebrating every victory along the journey. Those little victories shape our perception of what lies on the road ahead of us, and they build our faith to weather any setbacks along the journey. 

This gift was a small desire of my heart that God saw and put into motion to renew my vigor and stir my heart towards the goal ahead. God’s character is to cheer us on towards those goals, encouraging us that the dream is coming despite the time that it has taken. Just as God instructed the Israelites to stack the rocks as a monument to remind them that God dried up the Jordan River for them to cross it! Monuments (like this rug) remind us that He has been with us each step of the way and that we will see the promises fulfilled.

This rug reminds us that it will have a house to live in and when that day comes when we put this rug in place, every time we look at it we can say: “Look what God has done." Years from now your children will ask you why these rocks are here. Tell them, The Lord our God dried up the Jordan River so we could walk across. He did the same thing here for us that he did for our people at the Red Sea. -Josh 4:21-23


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Katherine Huskey≫ ≫True to form this Nashville native feels most at home roaming the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee. Katherine enjoys working with her hands, writing, design, travel and endless amounts of Mexican food. Alongside her best friend and husband, Katherine serves as a worship leader in her community and church. Her own story of redemption propels her to seek and reveal the beauty of the unfathomable love of Christ. You can connect and read more about her journey over at thehuskeyhouse.com or on Instagram @thehuskeyhouse.


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