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Thursday, August 18, 2016

When I was younger I wouldn't use names in my journals. I would be non-specific in order to preserve my dignity in case my journals were ever found.
What started as self-preservation seeped into my prayers and thought life. I taught myself to be unspecific when I wrote prayers to the Lord, because then He could interpret and I wouldn't have to get deep.
I could use vague words and not let the Spirit dig into wounds in order to pull out the shreds of glass and dirt.
Simultaneously I was building up blockage in my spiritual heart.
Two years ago a friend told me that God was doing surgery on me, that surgery required a large opening, that surgery require healing. She was right.
Surgery wounds us in order to heal us. It opens us up in an unnatural way. It requires us to stop what we are doing and spend some time on a table while a skilled physician does work she's been doing for years.
The Lord isn't new at healing us. He isn't new at salvation. This isn't His first day on the job. Nope! He is always working in us what is good and right for the Kingdom.

Yesterday I got specific in a written prayer with the Lord. I had just been writing a piece about vulnerability being a brave thing that brings us from darkness to light and realized I wanted to put into action my own thoughts.
So I'm celebrating! Because it feels like a little taste of victory. It smells like trust and like maybe just maybe I'm learning how to walk again. I'm learning —like a patient who has to relearn a new way of functioning, especially if they're had something removed—to take this faith journey one redemptive moment at a time. 

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