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Friday, August 19, 2016

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation. —Psalm 68:19

The other day, I sat down to write this short thought and was feeling uninspired. I looked up a few verses that I knew I could talk about, but none of them really seemed to stick. I try to make this something meaningful, something I need to hear. And then the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was an automated message. In the speaker I could hear the pre-recorded yet friendly voice of a woman say, “Hello!” My thumb was hovering over the “end” button to hang up when something she said caught my attention. She wasn’t trying to sell me insurance or tell me I had won a phony trip to the Bahamas. She wasn’t telling me about student loans or asking me to donate blood. She simply asked if I needed someone to pray for me.

Well this is new, I thought.

I listened as this person on the other side of the phone, from a location still unknown to me, was giving me a chance to offer up prayer requests. And I didn’t realize until that moment how much that meant.

Sometimes God is subtle and quiet and mysterious and sometimes He is very loud. Sometimes He is as loud as another person’s recorded voice in your ear reminding you of all the things you are carrying.

Lay them down here. Write them out, tell someone about them, pray to God. Leave a comment below or a direct message if you feel so inclined. Our souls need to be emptied out every once in a while. We need to take a break from the weight of it, and there are souls who want to help and there is a Savior who is strong enough to carry it all. For me, this summer has been great in so many ways, but also full of disappointments. As we move into this next season of life, I hope I am lighter (I hope you are too). I hope I remember this day that started out lacking inspiration but ended up giving me a light right where I needed it. 

About the Author

Sarah Dixon≫ ≫A native to Arkansas, Sarah is studying journalism at Harding University. She is a part-time barista, social media manager and copy editor. In her free time she enjoys dance, playing music and yoga. Sarah spent a semester in London and would love to return one day and hopefully use her gift of writing for the glory of God. You can read more of Sarah’s thoughts at gentlywhole.weebly.com


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